Feature film    -   ‘Life Goes On‘                   Due for release in 2020


(circa 1966) After BOB and YVONNE WILSON are deemed unfit parents, ROSE (17 yrs) and LUKE WILSON (13 yrs) run away to the Australian bush to avoid life in an orphanage. Hungry and thirsty, they are relentlessly pursued by escaped prisoner, WILLIAM BRISTOW after they steal supplies from his campsite. Bob Wilson must confront his war ravaged PTSD and alcoholism in order to save his children, while Yvonne Wilson's staunch approach to her spirituality is shattered as she struggles to find her children.

‘Life Goes On’ is currently being filmed in South East Qld / Northern New South Wales on 4K Red Digital Cinema Camera and is due for release in 2020.

“No matter how ‘screwed up’ a family may appear to be, love will keep them together, now and through to the end of time.”

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