Feature film    -   ‘1966‘                 


As Australia comes to grips with the political, societal and cultural changes that are sweeping through the 1960s, this sleepy, northern NSW town, is slowly waking up to a small taste of the changes that are yet to divide the community. Inspired by true events, '1966' is about a family finding it's way through one of the most tumultuous decades in living history. In a Post WWII society, that has lost many of it's young men to yet another war, the WILSON family is caught in a society that struggles to deal with the impact of PTSD and trauma on it's soldiers and their families. A community attempting to resume a life, that is no longer considered normal, by an emerging generation that challenges all that has gone before.

“No matter how ‘screwed up’ a family may appear to be, love will keep them together, now and through to the end of time.”

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