Damian Tehan, CEO of TN Constructions approached joedarcyFILMS and asked us to film a seven hour Building Training Seminar for students working towards their Building Certificate.

The film was then edited and condensed into a three hour film.  Effectively, his students could now view the module online and study this complex seminar at their leisure. This film also made it possible for students in remote locations to study the Building Course module without the long trek (sometimes 1000s of km) to attend the lectures.

Damian went on to repeat this process many times with other training modules of the Building Certificate.

Damian has been great to work with and has entrusted us with the structure and editing choices of each of TN Constructions films.

“...Your first DVD has been an absolute smashing hit. It has provided my students with an excellent learning resource. You did a fantastic job.

I am looking forward to working with you again”.

Damian Tehan  CEO TN Constructions